Healing hearts and changing lives, through the power of a dog.
Here at Bespoke Spoodles we raise puppies on the phenomenal world class
BadAss Empowered Breeder curriculum, that aligns with each pup’s individual developmental benchmarks.

We sincerely believe in honouring, and the empowerment of a dog; but also, that we have the ability to truly change the way breeding is done.

We strive everyday, to meet each puppy’s needs, with purposeful and meaningful handling and exposure activities; and ultimately giving our puppies a voice in their placement with their new family.

From 3 to 16 days old, our pups are exposed to ‘Biosensor Training’. This includes early neurological stimulation [ENS], early scent introduction [ESI], and calm but brilliant, desensitisation activities.
This training program assists with the pup’s adrenal system, promotes a healthier and stronger heart, and aids in providing the pup with the fortitude and resilience to face all experiences that will come their way, along their journey of life, whilst blending into your family seamlessly 🖤

We also relish in educating our new families, about all aspects of our puppy curriculum (on a weekly basis), to ensure their puppy thrives in their new home.

Because our pups are ethically and responsibly bred with purpose ~ bringing a Bespoke Spoodle home, is one of the most incredible things you’ll ever do.

When you adopt an ethically bred pup, you’re not just giving a deserving pup a home; you are also reducing the demand for puppy farms/mills and other industrial-scale unethical breeding operations, that put profit and greed before animal welfare.

 A dog is for life, and your pup should be part of your life for as long as possible.

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Bespoke Spoodles, once again, has just been announced as

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