A Little About Us

Bespoke Spoodles are a true family affair. We are proud to announce that our sole objective is to ethically breed healthy, DNA tested pups [100% clear from passing on any cocker spaniel or poodle hereditary diseases], that are ‘one of a kind’, uniquely beautiful, and with truly exceptional temperaments. This is the bespoke difference and why we can offer a LIFETIME health guarantee against all testable breed-specific diseases.

We are located in sunny Queensland, on the north side of Brisbane, in the leafy quiet suburb of Eatons Hill. We are blessed to be able to set up our spacious and comfortable whelping pen(s) within our warm and cosy family room. There’s plenty of space to lounge around on comfy sofas, sip a cuppa, and waste countless hours, watching Mumma with her new Bespoke pups.

Once our Mumma is 10 days from her due date, we are with her 100% of the time 🐾 and once her darling pups are whelped (born), someone is with her and in our home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ~ we are thankful to have wonderful security also.

We are proud to run an efficient, curriculum-based breeding program, under the “BadAss Empowered Breeder” banner, and relish in empowering our puppies to believe in their own abilities, to ensure our puppies get the family they deserve, and families get the puppy they need, and want.

Yes, raising exceptional, well-adjusted social pups, takes lots of time and a true commitment to detail, protocols, ethics and morals. Make no mistake, we are fastidious in all that we do. This is the difference between a Bespoke Spoodle and any other. As an upcoming owner of a gorgeous Bespoke Spoodle, you will be invited into our home on a weekly basis [at least], to forge the bond between you and your Bespoke pup. During this time you will learn, and be taught many things about your pup, including how to ensure the transition from our home into yours, is smooth, stress-free and most of all, relaxed. You will also receive regular updates, featuring pics of your pup, together with its siblings and Mumma.

If you’re unable to pop in for weekly visits, fear-not, as we’re very happy to communicate with you via FaceTime or Video-Chat, as we’d love for you to be included in the day to day goings on with your new pup

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Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, or just Wednesday … having a Bespoke Spoodle by your side, makes any day, just a little more sparkly and Spoodle-liscious

“If Bespoke pups take after their parents, then their temperaments will be friendly, inquisitive and eager to learn, with their personalities being ‘lovingly’ effervescent and sparkly! These divine ‘hybrid’ family-friendly pups are ethically and purpose bred, predominantly for their health and marvellous temperaments”

…  from our Vet

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