The Spoodle

The spunky and fun-loving Spoodle was specifically bred to be a companion dog. It is thought that they originated in the USA. Spoodles are a hybrid cross of the Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They are also known as Cockerpoos, although we much prefer their Australian name. They have a sociable, joyful, and friendly temperament, with owners calling them smoochy, charming, outgoing, and friendly – they love, to love you and adore company. Spoo’s make excellent family dogs and companions due to their nature, size and amiable, happy-go-lucky temperament. Generally, the Spoodle’s lifespan can range from 12 to 15 years, but hopefully longer.

The darling Spoodle is affectionate, active, and intelligent. They have a playful nature and can also make wonderful companions for children, and possibly even a therapy dog. They can adapt to living in a small home or apartment, as long as they receive adequate daily exercise. Their coat is basically no-shed, with the variants being wool or fleece – they are a great match for allergy or asthma sufferers. Every now and then you may also encounter a straight coat Spoodle.

Our Colours

The range of colours we breed consists of White, Wheaten, Light Apricot, Mid Apricot, Dark Apricot, Ruby Red, and Red.

Which coat suits you best?

There are three types of coats a Spoodle can have because they are a hybrid. When bred their appearance is never guaranteed, but can usually be easily predicted.

These 3 coats include:

A FLEECE haired Spoodle – this is the most common coat. They appear to have long wavy coats, or very loose curls that remind you of a teddy bear. Spoodles with a fleece coat rarely shed, however they do need to be brushed/groomed twice per week, so matting of the fur does not occur, and require clipping every few months.

A WOOLLEN haired Spoodle – this variety tends to take after the general look of a Poodle. Sometimes their legs are slimmer and longer in conformation, their fur is made up of tighter curls, they have a longer snout and their ears are shorter like a poodle. They may also weigh less due to their smaller frame. These pups tend to be seen when bred as a F1b Spoodle (Spoodle x Poodle).

A STRAIGHT coat Spoodle – pups who’s DNA takes after the English Cocker Spaniel breed present with a flatter straighter coat. This also can mean that their legs may be a tad shorter and their ears beautifully floppy/droopy like the characteristic of the English Cocker Spaniel. Straight haired Spoodle may shed minimally, however they require a lot less grooming compared to Spoodles with thicker coats.

SIZE … Mini, Mini-Mini, or Toy ?

Due to the Spoodle being a hybrid [mixed breed], they can vary in size, and it really does depend on how big their parents are ~ however, there are two types which usually allude to how big your Spoodle will actually get. Spoodles tend to reach their adult size by 10 to 12 months.

So … what’s the difference between a Mini Spoodle and a Toy Spoodle ?

Primarily, it’s all about their size. Often people get this a tad confused, as the sizes can be a little confusing. Here we’ll attempt to shed some light on this.

A Toy Spoodle is the smallest size. On average most of the time we do have an estimated height and weight between 30cm to 35cm in height and 5 kgs to 7 kgs in weight, sometimes can be smaller if we have smaller sized parents.

A Miniature Spoodle on the other hand, is the slightly larger one of the two. Generally, their estimated heights and weights are between 40cm to 45cm in height and 8 kgs to 12 kgs in weight. Of course, this too can vary depending on the size of the parents – the pups may end up smaller or larger, however we do our best to guesstimate the full-grown stats of each pup when requested.

Here at Bespoke Spoodles, we generally see our pups achieving the adult weight [at 10 months old] range between 5 kgs and 10 kgs, with the height being 30cm to 40cm, we affectionately call these our Mini-Mini’s as they’re a smaller version of the Mini, but not quite as small as the Toy.


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