Our Mission Statement and Oath

  1. We plan litters with the assistance of our dedicated Specialist Reproductive team at QVS. We don’t over populate; we meet demand. We stand behind our dogs and pups, for the entirety of their life.

  2. We breed from only healthy, good tempered parents, that have been genetically DNA health tested. We choose breeding pairs that compliment each other in health and temperament.

  3. We honour and respect our Dams – both before and after whelping (birthing). Everything is done to keep her happy and healthy. The same goes for our Sires. We provide high quality vet care, high quality food, safe, warm and a clean living environment. We are fastidious in all that we do.

  4. We ensure all puppies learn the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly. They desire and need respect, kindness, boundaries, a sense of purpose, a safe place to learn and make mistakes, leadership, firmness, acceptance and most of all, empowerment.

  5. We gently guide, shape and mould puppies based upon critical periods, constantly evaluating and adjusting. We continuously work on confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.

  6. We evaluate puppies and enjoy providing this information to our prospective families.

  7. We take 100% responsibility for every puppy we produce, for the entirety of their life.

  8. We have a purpose written Purchase Contract in place to ensure all parties feel validated, respected and protected.

  9. We take pride in educating our new Bespoke Spoodle families. Always keeping in touch with them as we create a warm and safe community.

  10. We Love our dogs, love our puppies, love our families and are on a mission to change breeding from bad, to BadAss !

We are registered HOME-based, boutique Breeders.

We HONOUR our dogs and behave Honourably.

We greet each day with OPTIMISM and an open mind.

We are MAGNANIMOUS in all that we do.

We are ETHICAL above all else.

H-O-M-E 🖤

🙏Please, can you do one thing for us; do ‘your’ due diligence🙏

Interview prospective Breeders; compare them.

Whilst on RightPaw, look at their ‘Core Health Tests’ and any additional tests they do.

Ask to see a ‘live‘ copy of the DNA paperwork, not screenshots. Perhaps even request that they verify hip and elbow scores, and show real proof.
Don’t get caught up with Breeders who only “talk the talk”.
If they raise pups under the Puppy Culture or BadAss Breeder banner [or a blend of the two], ask for proof. Ask to view their paperwork, the files, even computer records –
you owe this to yourself, and more importantly, your prospective pup.

A dog is for life, and your pup should be part of your life for as long as possible.

We appreciate you considering us, as the Breeder of your next fur-baby 🖤🐾

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