Meet our Gorgeous Spoodle Family

We do not breed first generation Spoodles [F1]. All of our Bespoke Spoodles are either F1B, F2, F2B, or multi-generational. Why ? Because we want to ensure that we breed a dog that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction … we specialise in HYPOALLERGENIC spoodles. This term does not mean the dog is totally allergy safe, but it will definitely cause much less of a reaction, if at all, in dog allergy, and asthma sufferers.

It’s wonderful to note that several of our pups have gone to live with members of families who suffer acutely from asthma and allergies; however we are happy to confirm that they have experienced no issues whatsoever.

Hypoallergenic, meaning “below average” or “slightly” allergenic, is a term meaning that something (usually pets, cosmetics, textiles, food, etc.) causes fewer allergic reactions. The term was first used in 1953.

Bespoke Coby

Please say HI, to our cute and curly pocket rocket, Miss Coby.
She is 78% poodle, has a luxurious wool coat, is an F1B Spoodle, and weighs in at a petite 6kgs.
This little lady is extremely inquisitive, and loves nothing more than to figure out food puzzles, snuffle mats and play ball in the back yard. Coby is super-quick and always first to jump up on your lap for a smoochy cuddle, and a cheeky kiss.
She’s had one litter of 4 with Brodie, in early July 2022, and her darling pups ranged from pale apricot to ruby red.

Bespoke Fébe

Introducing our fabulous Miss Febé. She’s incredibly alert, clever, and a tad mischievous. This 9kg little lady is always up for an adventure, whether you’re jumping in the car for a weekend road trip, or off to the beach, she’s happy to always be by your side … just don’t forget her ball!

Our darling Febé is an F1B Spoodle, and has a gorgeous soft fleece coat which is super-easy to brush. Fébe was mated via TCI with our Stud Brodie, and had her “Magnificent 7”, in late June 2022. We were blessed to receive a rainbow of colours ranging from pale wheaten to dark apricot / ruby red.

Bespoke Evie

Ohhhh … look at that face ! This darling little lady lives with our amazing Guardians, the Lees. The Lees are a family of 4, with 2 little sons, so Miss Evie is lucky to have 2 big brothers who are besotted with her.
Evie is a ruby F1 spoodle, around 10 kgs, with a super-fluffy fleece coat. She has absolutely beautiful white abstract markings through her ruby coloured coat, and is the happiest of girls, with an incredible temperament; we hope to breed her on her next heat with our stud Brodie

Bespoke Daisy

Friends, this blonde bombshell with the soulful brown eyes is Miss Daisy. This smoochy girl is an F1B Spoodle, has a silky-soft wool coat, and lives with our beautiful guardian family, the Pilottos.

Daisy is a super-confident, incredibly happy girl, and has pretty white abstract markings through her pale apricot. She’s a petite 8kgs, loves kisses and cuddles, and will be bred on her next heat.

Bespoke Gracie

Could we have saved the best ‘till last … please meet our youngest little lady Miss Grace … yep, more dreamy big brow eyes !
Gracie who is around 9kgs, lives with a Border Collie named Max, and has learnt many wonderful things from him. They get along incredibly well, and her Guardian family, the Fettings, could not be more proud of the empowered dog, little Miss Gracie has grown into.

Miss Gracie will be bred on her next heat.

Bespoke Brodie our Stud

Helloooooo Ladies ! This handsome fella is our Star Stud, Mr Brodie.
He is routinely Vet checked to ensure optimum health, and DNA tested and clear for all hereditary diseases with Orivet.

His loving temperament is to-die-for, and he is a highly sought after little man by many reputable Breeders. Brodie is an F1B Spoodle, and has 72% poodle in his DNA. He is around 5.3kgs, and is 100% DNA clear and is fully furnished [double-furnished].

Our brilliant boy also has the following incredible traits – e/e, ky/ky, at/at, B/b, recessive red, phantom and liver. Of course, he has been hip and elbow scored and has been infused into the prestigious Australian Labradoodle Association [ALA]. We are blessed to call him our very own.

Brodie is frequently checked by not only our Vet, but also our Reproductive Specialists, Dr Phil Thomas, Dr Xavier Schneider and Dr Tanisha Mian, of Qld Vet Specialists, Stafford, to ensure he is at the epitome of health. Check out his Insta page; Brodie The Super Spoodle Stud.

Bespoke Allie

And this gorgeous girl is our Foundation Dam, Miss Allie.
Over the past 2.5 years, we have been blessed with 6 spectacular spoodles from 3 pregnancies with our darling Allie.
This lovely lady is the epitome of love, kindness, spunk and smoothness and is now living her best life with her beautiful Guardian family.

Our Puppy Gallery

Bespoke Allie + Simba Bradley

Born 24th October 2020. Betty, Leia & Monty ~ all have joined their new families.

Bespoke Allie + Simba Bradley

Born 26th April 2021. Little Barkley ~ he has joined his new family.

Bespoke Allie + Bear

Born 16th April 2022. Miss Ruby & Mr Teddy ~ both have joined their new family.

Bespoke Febé + Bespoke Brodie

Born 28th June 2022.
All have joined their new families.

Bespoke Evie + Bespoke Brodie's gorgeous favourite fragrances litter

Born 14th November 2022.
All have joined their new families.

Bespoke Coby + Bespoke Brodie

Born 2nd July 2022.
All have joined their new families.

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